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Independent operator of full-cycle ground handling.

For 25 years in the aviation

The willingness to fulfill obligations professionally and successfully, using the most modern technologies, gives us the opportunity to make exceptionally safe, stable and transparent decisions. We guarantee the result.
We are experts in the development and provision of aviation services. We are confidently leading the industry.
For 25 years in the aviation For 25 years in the aviation

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The synergy of our competencies is the key to solving any problems
UTG - It is a handling operator providing services in the field of ground handling for passengers and aircraft.
UTG VNUKOVO - Provision of a full spectrum of passenger and apron handling at the Vnukovo airport.
D-ICE - The full cycle of anti-icing waste disposal: collection of anti-icing waste on the apron, its accumulation, storage, transportation, and disposal.
UTG University - Training and re-training of ground handling and aviation personnel.
UTG Express - Cargo shipment services and express delivery of correspondence within internal and international routes.
UTG Private Aviation - Provision of business aviation services.
Aerosmart Systems - Performing repairs and maintenance of passenger and freight transport.