UTG Group Mission

Improving the quality of air transportation by providing safe and reliable services on the ground.
The UTG Company Group was founded in 1998. It is the largest independent full-cycle ground handling operator with divisions located at Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Pulkovo airports. The company started its operations from apron handling, expanding the business towards the industry of aircraft, passenger, and crew services, as well as training of specialized staff. By demonstrating a high level of social responsibility and dedication to the principles of sustainable development, UTG Company Group strives to comply with the best international standards in the field of corporate management and information transparency while being among the top 20 largest Russian companies in the aviation industry.
UTG Group Mission UTG Group Mission

UTG Group Companies

UTG Group Companies
A diversified international group of companies managing assets in the aviation business. Develops the group’s overall strategy and policy, its marketing strategy, as well as legal and personnel support. Provides complex IT support and development of specialized software and information systems which help to organize manufacturing processes efficiently. UTG Group’s unified structure allows to perform optimal distribution of the financial and intellectual capital between the companies included in it. Thanks to international business experience, the company successfully implements projects not only in Russia, but also abroad.
It is a handling operator providing services in the field of ground handling for passengers and aircraft. The company employs more than 2.5 thousand professionals, and its vehicle park exceeds 1000 units.
Provision of a full spectrum of passenger and apron handling at the Vnukovo airport.
Aircraft maintenance and repairs, airline representative services, as well as sales service for air travel and additional carrier services at the Domodedovo airport. Operator of the Shostakovich Premier Lounge located in the domestic flights area.
UTG University
Training and re-training of ground handling and aviation personnel:

- License for carrying out educational activity issued by the Ministry of Education;
- Certificate of the Aviation Training Center of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya);
- IATA Authorized Training Center;
- IATA Accredited Training School for the Regulations for Dangerous Goods’ Transportation by Air.

UTG Private Aviation
Provision of business aviation services: pre/post-flight procedures, VIP services for the passengers of regular flights, apron handling for business jets, refueling, maintenance, rental of hangars and parking places on the apron, crew handling.
UTG Express
Cargo shipment services and express delivery of correspondence within internal and international routes. More than 60 tons of cargo are processed daily. Vehicle park includes 20 transport units. Performs more than 140000 deliveries per year.
Performing repairs and maintenance of passenger and freight transport, as well as special airport equipment. Rent of special machinery and equipment for ground handling. Diagnostic and attestation of energy installations. Metrology laboratory.
The full cycle of anti-icing waste disposal: collection of anti-icing waste on the apron, its accumulation, storage, transportation, and disposal; supply of anti-icing fluid and laboratory testing, environmental support of corporate activities, organization of warehouses, storage spaces, and bases for anti-icing treatment of aircraft.
Manufacture of interior components for civil aircraft, development of design, installation of finished products on the aircraft.

Aircraft maintenance and repair
AUTO Smart
Automobile maintenance and repair services                                                                            
UTG Service Equipment
Metalworking and manufacturing of parts and equipment                                          


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